Remarketing - Evergreen Campaign

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An Evergreen Remarketing Campaign is an automated workflow that serves a sequence of ads to a selected audience over a period of time.  It works on the principal that a person who has first discovered your brand is unlikely to buy, but can be converted to a customer by nurturing the relationship over time.

It is very effective due to it's highly targeted nature as you are only talking to an audience that has already shown an interest in your brand.  Because this is a relatively small audience you can serve a high number of ads on a very small budget.   

Remarketing is considered essential to achieving any kind of objective online.   Your eCommerce website will not perform well without it.

When we set up your Remarketing Evergreen Campaign you will get the following:

1. Setting of 'trigger action' - this is the action the customer performs to set the workflow in motion.   Usually the action is to visit your website, but there are a number of other trigger actions available, even if you don't have a website.

2. Installation of Facebook Pixel on your website - this is an essential part of remarketing and we do the basic set up for you.   Note: for custom built websites this will not include 'pixel events'.

3. Mapping of your story board including 10 key messages, as you would like to display.   This might be based around about us or be more product/service focused.   We can provide suggested storyboard.   

4. Build of simple ad creative for 10 time slots.   This will be a single image ad for each time slot.   Client can enhance this by adding multi media creative.

5. Build of audiences based on time elapsed from website visit.  

6. Build of remarketing ad campaign in your Facebook Ads Manager.

7. Build of ten ad sets each to activate as time elapses from trigger.  Time frame is usually three days per ad set, with the whole campaign lasting thirty days.   Campaign length can be anything up to 180 days (6 months).

8. Setting of your budgets and bidding on all ad sets.

9. Testing of workflow over prescribed time frame.

Once complete your workflow will automatically begin serving ads based on trigger and will continue to do so until turned off.   Content will always remain fresh as audience automatically sees different ad copy every three days.

Because this workflow is built in your Facebook Ad Manager you have access and ability to edit all aspects of workflow yourself.

Also included, how to videos for the following:
  • Turn workflow on and off
  • Turn ad sets or ads on and off
  • Change your own bids and budget
  • Edit or replace ads
  • View audiences to see number of people at each stage

This style of marketing is often also called retargeting, click funnel or sales funnel.