Hi, I'm Justin

I am a business manager and e-commerce business operator.   I have built an e-commerce brand from a small village in rural New Zealand using Facebook for business.  I have gone on to train in social marketing and e-commerce and now I teach this to business people.   I specialise in realistic down to earth advice for everyday kiwis. 

I can help remove the overwhelm so it is fun

First up, don't get me wrong.   I am not one of these marketing gurus that will tell you for little to no effort you can travel the world and chuck in the day job.   I am just a guy who has worked extremely hard at an e-commerce business, made plenty of mistakes and decided to give it my best by learning and upskilling in this new way of doing business.  And I'll be honest, it has been bloody hard work!      

By sharing my lessons learnt in e-commerce and social marketing I hope to save you the hard work of making the same mistakes I did, and having to start from the beginning.

I have built a business using Facebook for Business

A lot of what I teach is based on my own experience as a business person using Facebook

From what I see, business people are feeling quite overwhelmed by social media and what this means for business.   Technology has moved so fast, in many ways it has left us behind.   All of this has been put in the too hard basket.  

This does not need to be the case.

It might seem like a long and overwhelming journey, but the important thing is you make a start.

When designing my courses I work very hard on making it engaging and entertaining.  But most important of all, I wanted it to be fun!

You will be blown away with what is possible and available even at an entry level.   You will learn heaps of best practice and tips and tricks from an experienced Facebook user.

I believe everyone in business needs to up skill when it comes to Facebook.

Operating on digital platforms such as Facebook need to become part of what we do in business.   This requires a high level of understanding as to how this works throughout an organisation.   

Even business managers and owners who do not manage their own Facebook need to understand how it works so they can make good hiring decisions, form sensible policy and be involved with planning the digital strategy for your organisation. 

Through Facebook Foundation I have trained a stack of businesses on how to conduct business on Facebook


Facebook has done a great job of making business tools, intuitive, accessible and easy to understand.  This is one of the main reasons I totally recommend Facebook for Business for anyone just starting out on the internet.

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I have learnt directly with Facebook 

 A lot of what I teach is based on Facebook policy and best practice.   As we are doing business on Facebook's platform we must recognise that they are calling the shots as far as what they want and what will get prioritised on the platform.   Many businesses are doing themselves a disservice by not knowing or ignoring best practice.  For this reason there is a definite way of doing things on the platform and ignoring this will result in poor results and wasting money.   

I have a very sound knowledge and training of Facebook policy and industry best practice which forms a lot of what I teach in Facebook Foundation.   I teach how to work with the Facebook algorthim rather than against it, which makes a world of difference.   

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