Hi, I'm Justin

I'm a down to earth kiwi guy, e-commerce business operator and lately digital marketing coach.    I love the quiet life so for me it was a dream come true when I was able to escape the rat race and move to small town New Zealand where I built my e-commerce business.   Now days my work is almost entirely online so I can work from anywhere.   I consider myself fortunate to be able to split my time between Tuatapere, Southland and Maribor, Europe where our extended family lives.   I now work in both locations training business operators in their digital and social marketing.

e-commerce business operator

For over a decade I have been operating and growing Greenmachine an e-commerce business based in Tuatapere, New Zealand, a small remote rural town.   Living and doing business in small town New Zealand has kept me humble and realistic in my approach to business.  I love living in a small community close to nature, something I would never have been able to do before the internet transformed how we do business.

social marketing specialist

As I have grown my business over the last decade I have discovered I have a real passion and talent for digital marketing, ecommerce and social marketing.   I like to keep it real and I love down to earth solutions.   For me, Facebook for business has truly transformed the way I do business.   Not only is it a realistic, accessible digital solution for most businesses, social marketing has been the most fun thing I have done in my business.

justin lewis greenmachine tuatapere

So where did it all begin?

I have a background in business management and have been really fortunate to have worked in many different business in different industries, in large, small and varied businesses.   Whilst a career in business management is exciting, I did not enjoy the rat race life this involved.   The soulless office existence, the expectation of very long hours, sitting in traffic jams and all mainly just to pay the mortgage to live in a city I didn't really enjoy.

I realised there had to be a better way.   Often, in my office I would think about a better life, one where I got to work with nature, enjoy the beautiful environment we are blessed with in New Zealand, and live in one of our magnificent rural locations.

I realised I was in the wrong job and had to find a way out

The solution came to me with some of my great passions coming together.   

From a very young age I have been passionate about growing plants, and had always loved New Zealand native plants.   I have always been a bit of a computer geek, and I got very excited about how the internet can change our lives.  

I put these two passions together by starting a plant nursery in my back yard in Christchurch.   I started with a home made tunnel house, a postage stamp plot, and a DIY website.

Like many people I started this business whilst keeping on the day job, but quickly realised in order for it to be successful I would have to take the plunge and commit everything,

So I gave up the day job, and put my heart and sole into building my e-commerce brand.  

justin lewis greenmachine tuatapere

I have now built Greenmachine in to an e-commerce business that sells plants throughout New Zealand

I have learnt heaps in over a decade of e-commerce.   I have discovered I have huge passion for e-commerce, digital marketing and especially social marketing.

I have gone on to train directly with Facebook

 and with some of the best digital marketing experts in the world to gain an understanding and technical ability in digital marketing well beyond what I need in my own business.   I am now training other businesses in how to approach their social marketing and get up to speed on the quickly changing digital world.   

So, by pursuing my dreams to develop a digital business I now have the freedom to work from anywhere.   Don't get me wrong, I still work bloody hard, but I have the flexibility to work on-line allowing me to work from home, be close to my family and spend time with family in Europe.   These are things I have been striving for for a long time.   By making your business more resilient in a digital age this will allow you to have similar freedom in the way you do business.  

now I have the freedom to work from anywhere