Written content is still a great way to promote your business

Written content is still a great way to promote your business

When it comes to internet marketing content is King.  It is of the utmost importance for your business and  we must work on this and make sure it is a good quality offering for your audience.   Content can take many forms in this multi media world.   Written content is still highly relevant and a great way for your business to promote itself on the internet.

I am a firm believer in deep and meaningful, engaging written content.  I hope that by providing deep, thorough and well researched information I am engaging my audience for the time it takes for them to become informed.  Hopefully they are finding this relevant and useful enough for them to invest the time and effort to return and read  some more.  If I am not doing this, then I would consider this a failure at what I have set out to do.

There are many ‘experts’ out there who will disagree with this.   We hear from these people all the time that internet posts must be short and snappy, never over 100 words and able to deliver our message in a few seconds.   The belief is that in this world where people are constantly bombarded with information they have such low attention spans that they need short sharp messages that provide all the information in a couple of seconds.

To a point I agree that the ‘rule’ about short messaging does have some merit in that people are cruising their timelines looking for a quick fix.  But come on, the population of the world did not become mindless imbeciles overnight.  If you are delivering a message that people want to read, and supplying them with information that is useful to them, they will read your article.     Yes, that includes long posts, or links that deliver longer articles and posts.  I believe in good solid content, and I place information and relevance over a quick fix.   This view is shared by Google and Facebook who will priortise pages that deliver long form content that engages the audience for longer lengths of time.

The benefits of deep and meaningful content:

To inform:

The obvious benefit is to inform your audience.  This has many positives, and can take many forms.  This might be along the lines of telling your customers about benefits, features and uses of your product that they otherwise wouldn’t have known about.  This could be done in an informative, rather than marketing way, helping customers make a buying decision without appearing too pushy and hard sell.

How to guides:

There are huge opportunities in creating how to guides, in areas related to your products.  There is great benefit in doing this as it creates brand awareness, establishes you as an expert in your field, allows you to be personable and present a face for your brand.   Customers feel like they are receiving added value when they receive useful advice and information.  When people receive value in this way they will be more loyal to your brand.

Asset Building:

Creating deep and meaningful content allows you to build web assets that you can use on Facebook and throughout the internet to build awareness of your brand.  These assets are like any business asset in that they add capital to your business and add to the value of your business.   As you build these, you are building a library of assets that any competitor will have difficulty in competing with.  As long as you keep building you will continually appear to be the expert in your field whilst others will appear amateur.   These assets can be used over and over again to continually serve your business.

Search engines love it

Google is looking for deep and meaningful content and their algorithms are searching for it all the time.  They have all sorts of tools to measure it such as looking for relevant key words within your content, word count, photos, and more.  Google is also measuring how long people remain on your site, to ascertain how relevant people find your content.  Believe me, writing deep, meaningful and relevant information for your digital presence will pay off in more organic (free) traffic for many years to come.

And Facebook loves it too

Facebook is seeking more meaningful content and has put a great deal of resources into enhancing publishing tools, enabling longer articles, instant articles and working on relationships with information providers.   It is important to give Facebook what they want in order to achieve higher rankings and gain more audience.

Content Creation Tips:

  • As a general rule articles or blog posts of about 1000 words are considered appropriate, but keep it relevant, do not fill your articles with meaningless fluff simply to achieve a word count.
  • Content should be original, of course.   Never copy or rehash others content, not only is this a breach of copyright but Google will find out and punish you severely.
  • Create strong punchy headlines.   This determines whether a person will read your article or not.
  • Breaking the text up with relevant pictures is a great way to keep things interesting and retain the interest of readers.
  • Be personable, be yourself, share your passion.  Personality is what sets you and your organisation apart.
  • Edit your articles, with a mind to streamlining the words and taking out the fluff.
  • Deliver answers.  People are searching the internet because they are generally seeking answers to questions.  Whatever the question, it is your job to provide the answer.
  • Don’t junk up articles with long lists of keywords, include these in the text, in a way that makes sense


The digital -world might be filling up with mindless thrill seeking zombies, however there will always be a percentage of us out there who are seeking genuine knowledge, want well researched and sensible information or simply enjoy reading for pleasure and choose to do so on the internet.  There will always be a demand for good quality, informative content.   Provide this and your customers will appreciate it, forever.