What every business needs to know about Facebook

I continue to be surprised that people think it is strange I conduct my business on Facebook.   The first thing they say is something along the lines of “oh, but I would never have thought people would buy things on Facebook”.     This mind set highlights the opportunities businesses are missing by not being on Facebook and starts a discussion as to why all businesses need to be on Facebook.

There are over 1 billion users logging in to Facebook every day.   In New Zealand there are approximately 2.5 million active users.  Anywhere there are people is a great place to do business, Facebook is no exception. For this reason alone Facebook is a great place to do business.

There are over 50 million businesses on Facebook.   Of those, only 2 million have ever spent any money promoting their business.   This is telling us that, although there is a massive potential audience for our business on Facebook, generally businesses are very slow to adopt the opportunities available.

It would be fair to say that the adoption of Facebook by the general population, is way ahead of the uptake from business.   This is especially the case in New Zealand where we are lagging behind with our adoption of digital commerce in general.   Simply put, business in New Zealand is not keeping up when it comes to Facebook and we are not offering our customers what they want by taking our business to them.

Here are some statistics to support this:

  • 1 billion Facebook users login every day
  • 2.5 million active users in New Zealand
  • Users across all demographics
  • Users login 14 times per day, on average
  • 90% users on mobile


These statistics are very important when considering conducting business on Facebook.

Firstly, Facebook active users are well ahead of any other social network.   Whilst other networks might have reasonable numbers of users, it is the active users that count.  Facebook is where it is at as far as high adoption rates and regular use in the general population.

Whilst, other social channels  offer some interesting niches, Facebook is the one that is universal in New Zealand.   From students to grandparents, farmers to athletes, Facebook has great representation across the board.   It is true that other social channels are gaining momentum and popularity, so things might become more complicated in the future.  Our opportunity at the moment is that we can reach the bulk of the population, effectively, through just one channel.

Another aspect of the statistics to note is the number of times people login per day, and the fact that almost everyone is doing this from their mobile devices.    Back in 2012 the world changed and there was a significant shift towards mobile.   Facebook grabbed this market by quickly adopting superior mobile tools.   The success of this is now showing in the solid data that is coming through. Facebook is the channel that has absolutely nailed it when it comes to the mobile market.

The importance of this is not to be underestimated, it is fundamental to success in this changed world.   The key point to take from this is that Facebook is connecting with people in the time and place that suits them.  Connecting with the audience on their terms is key to success.   We are constantly hearing that people are busy and it is becoming harder to engage.  This seems to be across the board in all aspects of business and community. For this reason we must engage in new ways and in ways that suits our audience.  There is no doubt Facebook achieves this hands down.

So if you are asking yourself, “should I do business on Facebook?”  The answer has already been decided by the audience who have adopted it.   The answer is a very resounding “Yes!”.  Instead you should focus on “how do I conduct my business on Facebook”.   Once work starts on this, the path for your business in a digital world starts to become a little clearer.