No-one is looking at your Facebook page

So you’ve put all this time and effort into creating a great facebook business page, with beautiful photos and lots of ‘about info’ you make it live, and wait in anticipation for something to happen.  And wait, and wait.  But nothing happens! So what went wrong.

The reality is most people will not look at your page, they are generally looking at posts in the newsfeed.  You need to actively go out and promote your page by getting into the newsfeeds of your audience.


Do not get me wrong, it is important to have a good looking and professionally presented facebook page, a percentage of people will look at it, from time to time.  Often those who do look might be those who have decided to make a purchase so they are looking for more info, ie contact details.   But you are not attracting a great deal of attention through your page.

Your page is the base you operate from.  Your activities are actually what will gain attention.  The most common and effective activities on facebook to get attention for your brand could include, any or all of the following:

Posts: Standard news feed posts.  This is what gets shown in people’s newsfeeds and is a great way to get attention.  Posts can be very short, include one or several photos or videos, posts can be long article style narratives, and can include links to your website or other destinations.   There are a great many ways to construct posts read more here.